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Technical characteristics of the car engine

The main task of the car engine is converting chemical energy stored in the fuel to mechanical energy through combustion (the process of burning) in engine cylinders. High-quality fuel mixture and good oxygen supply play a big role in this process.



Nozzle is needed to disperse fuel in a specified direction and in the right moment. If the nozzle is damaged or dirty, fuel injection will be inefficient, therefore the fuel will not be entirely used, leading to increased fuel consumption, unstable engine operation, loss of power, start-up difficulties, increased air pollution...

Beside these symptoms, piston mechanism is worn out faster due to the layer of oil being rinsed out by the fuel, catalytic converter can become clogged etc. While working, nozzles are exposed to high temperature oscillations, fuel filth, oil entering the suction branch... Because of that, residue can be formed inside the nozzle. The amount of injected fuel is reduced. The quality of the mixture in different cylinders is uneven. Residue can cause changes of flow direction or bad dispersion of the fuel and leakedge.

Nozzles are under the constant pressure and they shouldn't be leaking unless the impuls stimulates the needle. Residue can disrupt the movement of the needle and lead to leakedge. Because the nozzles are expensive to make, it is much more convenient to clean them (unless they are mechanically damaged). 

Chemical cleaning is done by adding various additives to the fuel which dissolve the unwanted residue. Perks of chemical cleaning are simplicity and a relatively low price. Unfortunately, this type of cleaning is not able to give the best results. Only the parts that come in touch with the fuel can be reached and are being cleaned in the direction of the fuel flow, potentially leading to more congestion. Besides, additives act agressively towards the other parts of the engine. 

The other option is ultrasonic cleaning. The advantages of this type of cleaning are numerous: nozzles are throughly cleansed, filth is removed from the engine; new parts are installed if needed, we can observe the results of cleaning and check if there are any mechanical malfunctions. Except the cleaning itself, the technician gets feedback on nozzle performance, helping them to set a diagnose and successfully repaire the vehicle.